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North Korea Tours from Dandong(2017-2018)

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Our Regular Tour: Pyongyang-Keasong-Mt.Myohyang(3N4D)

Set out:



Set out date:



RMB 4500- or Euro 580,- (inludes visa and everything)

Every day from December,2017 to December 2018


Day 1



Meeting our group around the Statue of Chaiman Mao on the Dandong Railway Staion Square at 8:20am,then we will finish with all fomalities of custum about 9:20am.

The train start at 10:00 after finishing with all formalities. You will across the magnificent Yalu-River Bridge and in 5 minutes arrive in the North Korea border city Sinuiju.

After entry procedures you will leave Sinuiju for Pyongyang by the same train and arrive the capital Pyongyang at 17:00.

And then you will be transfered to Yanggakdo Internation Hotel.


Day 2



City tour in Pyongyang:

Mansudae Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument(Long live Monument), Chollima Statue ,Arch of Triumph;

Mt.Myohyang:International Friendship Hall where gifts presented from foreign countries to President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il are displayed ,

Pohyon Temple (buddhist temple of 11th century),lunch in Hyangsan Hotel, return to Pyongyang,

the Pyongyang Children's Palace or School and appreciate the performance of children.

supper,back to Hotel.


Day 3



About 2 hour's drive reach the capital of Koryo-Dynasty, the first unified state in the korean history-Keasong City.

First visit DMZ:Panmunjom Military Demarcation between North and South Korea,the Meeting Hall where truce negotiation was hold and armistice was signed in the year 1953.And then Koryo Museum.

Back to Pyongyang,visit Mangyongdae,the PresidentKim Il Sung 's native home.Then the world deepest Pyongyang Subway,Tower of the Juche Idea,Monument to the Founding of the Party,back to Hotel.

Day 4


Kim Il Sung Square,train to Sinuiju start at 10:10 and arrive in China at 16:23;

End of the North korea tour.

The above prices(4500RMB) including :

    1Visa,transport,hotel,meals listed in the itinerary in north korea, procedure fee of

     in- and out-bound,and everything.....

    2you travel with chinese group(about 5-15 mumbers) ,but you have specially korean

     english-speaking guide,you share one room with another tourist,if you want a single

     room,you should pay 300RMB/nightX3nights=900RMB.



    Personal Expenses

Book this tour:

   1.Contact us 8 days before your start to North Korea ,send us these informations by


    1)name of your company(or university) and address;

    2)home address

    3)contact phone number

    4)copy of passport

    5)digital photo(you can also hand it to us before 15:00 one day before the departure date)

    6)Pay attention: Before you go to North Korea,you must arrange a re-entry visa to

     China(coming back from North Korea) by yourself in your country

   2.You can pay the money for the tour in Dandong.

   3.Cancel the tour:

    you need not pay any money for the reservation,but if you cancel the tour,you must

    inform us before 10:00 one day before the departure date


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